Into the Psyche

 How many have come away from Italy memorized by the unique allure of this land? From the might of Rome to the marvels of the Renaissance, it’s no wonder the capital is called the Eternal City when one is continually confronted with the origins of history.
What’s more, the labyrinthine streets of cities such as Siena, Genova, & San Gimignano have always elicited something of the subconscious in me, like venturing into a dream replete with the paradoxical passageways of an Escher etching.

The Fruition of Well-being

Today, as the world leaps into the technological age a new panorama of experience is becoming available. With this in mind, we’ve worked together with neuroscientists to develop a revolutionary vacation holiday that explores the connections between mind, culture, beauty, and wellness. This new project utilizes non-invasive neurostimulation that’s scientifically proven to enhance well-being.
First conceived in Italy, tDCS technology (transcranial direct current stimulation) is now used worldwide by the likes of Olympic & professional athletes, and even by the US Military because of its unique ability to augment physical and cognitive faculties. It is a painless, easy procedure that stimulates the specific areas of the brain in control of mental, emotional and physical motor skills. Various studies have shown its ability to enhance learning, attention, memorization, mood, creativity, reasoning, endurance and coordination, both in healthy individuals and even in those with clinical conditions.

Renaissance of the Mind

Like the tale of Amor & Psyche, our journey begins with a fairytale in the homeland of Romance and the Renaissance; Tuscany. The tale of Tuscany is hidden in the maze of its precious vineyards, the serene shadows of its olive groves, the spirituality of its abbeys, the warmth and affability of its people and the beauty of its countryside.
While encountering an enchanted past, we extend a hand to an enchanted future, as travellers are greeted by neuro-psychologists from a specialist brain-stimulation clinic that officially represents Italy’s Top Pro Cycling Team. Guests undergo personalized neuro-stimulation procedures, harnessing the power of neuroplasticity & neurofeedback to enhance mood, creativity, attention, memory, perception of beauty, learning, cognitive capacity and overall well-being.

tDCS with Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback is a physiological self-monitoring technique that uses EEG (electroencephalography) and allows subjects to observe their own neurological processes through audio or visual display. This has shown to facilitate neural connectivity, allowing individuals to become more intune with the mechanisms of their own minds. In addition to tDCS, neurofeedback has been shown to be another technique capable of boosting concentration, well-being, and ph.
What’s more, studies on ordinary healthy subjects, such as actors, musicians, and dancers, have shown that neurofeedback techniques enhance cognitive creativity, flow states, artistic performance, musicality, expressiveness, and communication technique. One particularly interesting application is the ability to induce “borderline waking states associated with creative insights”, a state known as hypnagogia.

Psyche, from Amor & Psyche by Jacopo Zucchi  

Cerebral stimulation used in conjunction with neurofeedback represents the next frontier of advancement in these technologies. It’s this frontier that guests will benefit from, so as to elevate cognitive ability and overall well-being, all together wrapped within a culturally authentic vacation experience.