The 5 Senses Experience: a Different Way to Travel into Italy

As Leonardo da Vinci believed, “the natural desire of good men is knowledge” and “our knowledge has its origin in our perceptions“.

As a matter of fact from this desire comes the experience and the need for comprehension. Becoming aware of something goes through our senses as the faculties of hearing, sight, smell, touch, taste and finally equilibrium. Equilibrium of senses and knowledge.

In this sense Italy My Way accompanies you in a different way to travel into Italy.

A travel experience enhances all the senses: a tailor-made sensory tour increases your knowledge and takes you to the real pleasure.

A trip to places to look at, feel and experience. Choose what you like or dislike according with your personal taste. Learn how to eat as Italians do through their culture, flavors, traditions and everything behind each ingredient. “We are what we eat”, learn with us who we are and what we eat.

Special activities designed to fulfill your needs for incentive trips or individual travel where you put your hands at. You would smell and taste Italian flavors and authentic ingredients. Your sight will be full of art and nature. You will hear special sounds and music and finally, at the end of this sensory process, you will find a real balance and pleasure stimulating your imagination and your heart.

Why don’t you have a try?

Here is a sample of a sensory Italian experience in Florence we could organize for you.