There are countless reasons to plan an incentive in Italy. Incredible food, wine, views. Be inspired by our incentives ideas.
Cities, countryside, beaches and mountains become live sets.
Traditions, art, culture and people behaviour are natural source of inspiration for activities and teambuildings.
We care about all types of incentive programs: salesmen, customer, dealer, invitational and lot more.
Unforgettable moments, pure relaxation and joie de vivre in a sustainable way. A 360 degree planning from A to Z.
We offer:

  • Experiential 360° destination management services
  • Ice cream classes. Seriously, these are absolutely hilarious, create your personal taste
  • Horse riding, in the countryside or on beaches
  • Fruit and olives picking, very quaint and very Italian
  • Sand sculptures, there are a wide variety of building activity to offer
  • Corporate dance classes, enhances cooperation and generosity among the teams
  • Gastronomy tours and scavenger hunts, with wines recognitions competitions
  • Pizza contests, to have fun and use your hands on
  • Countryside village festivals, to enhance the traditional values
  • Aroma Laboratories, to trigger memories
  • Sand Art competition, build your story
  • Cocktail competitions, Italian way
  • Truffle hunting and cooking together, feel experts for a day