No surprise that Italy, one of the most romantic countries in the world, is a popular choice for destination weddings and Italy my Way is ready to help you.
We believe that every minute of your wedding day, must be a romantic experience. We help you design your special day smoothly, in a professional way.
Be inspired by our sample wedding packages below. These are only some of the most bespoken Italian destinations.

Each wedding package can be customized according with your wishes and prices may vary according with dates and availability. And we are always there to assist you during your stay.


Wedding on the Lakes

Weddings on the Lakes shores are full of romance and charm. They can be chic events as the venues offer peace and serenity accompanied by a magical and sophisticated atmosphere. Italy has the greatest number of lakes. As a unique destination chosen by people from all over the world, there you can find  unique landscapes with the Alps reflecting on the water and aristocratic villas with magnificent gardens and view.  You may choose almost any theme for your weddings on the lakes and take advantages from your venue: use boats for storing drinks or favors, finish the party with beautiful floating luminaries – any romantic idea we can plan together.


Wedding in Puglia

Puglia is one of the ultimate wedding destination of Italy.  There you can enjoy amazing sea, marvelous beaches. Weddings in Puglia can be set in trulli houses, white masserias, luxury villas or on the beach and in beautiful gardens and landscapes. You will be immersed in an area rich of culture and tradition and you will enjoy top food and wine.


Wedding in Tuscany

The romantic and breathtaking Tuscany is the most glamorous destination for weddings in Italy. Its rolling hills, the medieval hilltop villages and the endless vineyards of Tuscany have made it one of Italy’s most popular regions, whether you love art and history, picturesque scenery, great wines or the beaches lining the coastline.


Wedding in the Amalfi Coast

The alluring Amalfi Coast is the most romantic seaside destination with glamorous resorts of Italy. Dreamy seaside resorts and colorful villages create the perfect scenery for a dreamy wedding. You will fall in love with the amazing Amalfi Gulf . You will remain speechless at Ravello's sight and its villas.