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A 7 Day Honeymoon in Matera and Valle d’Itria

Matera and Valle d’Itria are the ideal places for those in search of romance, nature, good food and uncommon itineraries. Dreamy Masserias (so called resorts in this region), historical archeological sites and magnificent seaside resorts create the perfect scenery for a honeymoon out of the box. Matera “the city of stones”, is one of the most ancient dwelling places in history, still inhabited today. You’ll remain speechless at its sight, when night falls and it is lit up by thousands of little lights. You’ll be captured by the beauty of Valle d’Itria which stretches from Putignano in the north to Ostuni in the south, its wooded slopes, vineyards and endless olive groves punctuated by the coned roofs of trulli, those unique cylindrical constructions that are peculiar to the area. You’ll feel like in a fairy tale in the magical old town centre of Alberobello, a trulli wonderland that charms and delights old and young alike. Every destination features luxurious hotels and delicious food to celebrate your special occasion.

This honeymoon can be customized according with your wishes. Click below to tell us what you’re looking for:


  • Visit of the magical old town centre of Alberobello, a trulli wonderland that charms and delights old and young alike.
  • Thanks to Puglia’s long slender shape, even if you are in the centre of the Valle d’Itria  you are never far from the seas. An easy drive in either direction, East or West, will take you to the Adriatic or the Ionian sea, where you can enjoy long sandy beaches and turquoise waters.
  • Tasting of Valle d’Itria and Matera food specialties: the olive oil is supreme and the cheeses, including the milky delights of burratina, are memorable! Nonetheless is bread!
  • Visit of Ostuni, the White town.
  • Experience the tour of Matera on board of Ape cars
  • Walking through the “life-size Nativity scene” of Matera. This “Second Bethlehem” was chosen for the making of such films as The Passion of the Christ.


(DAY 1) Arrival at Bari Airport and Transfer to a Masseria and Check in

(DAY 2) Burrata Experience in Alberobello and tour of the Trulli Valley

(DAY 3) Morning: Millenar Olive Trees Tour and Extravirgin Olive Oil Tasting

Free Afternoon (suggestion: visit of Ostuni)

(DAY 4) Transfer to Matera and Check in at the Hotel

(DAY 5) English Speaking Guided Tour of Matera on an Ape Car

(DAY 6) Matera’s Bread experience and the Ancient Flours

(DAY 7) Transfer to Bari Airport and Departure


This honeymoon itinerary a bit out of the box features the most alluring destinations and the most luxurious accommodations. Stay in charming country retreats, Masserias and luxurious resorts. This itinerary takes you to Matera, the city of stones, which is one of the most ancient dwelling places in history, still inhabited today. Then it takes you to the discovery of Valle d’Itria (Itria Valley), set on a high fertile plain in the centre of Puglia which stretches from Putignano in the north to Ostuni in the south. Soak up the ambience and experience the Italian romance of the beauty of these unspoiled areas.


Enjoy the pleasure of a full immersion into nature while visiting a typical Italian manor farm, where you will be able to see and participate in the production of Burrata (a kind of mozzarella) and other dairy products.
Afterwards a tour of the most important monument of the city of Trulli, UNESCO heritage.


The magical old town centre of Alberobello is a trulli wonderland that charms and delights old and young alike. They are typical construction with the conical roof and make Alberobello a unique and unrepeatable city. It was declared a UNESCO heritage in 1996. The trulli of Alberobello follow one another next to each other, along lanes and narrow streets paved with “chianche”, creating landscapes and magical atmospheres that are truly unique and unrepeatable.


Ostuni is considered an architectural jewel, and is commonly referred to as “the White Town” (“La Città Bianca“, in Italian)  for its white walls and its typically white-painted architecture. A monument on its own, the town’s largest buildings are the Cathedral and the Bishop’s Palace, together with a number of palazzi of local aristocratic families.


Today the area between Monopoli, Fasano, Ostuni, and Carovigno is where the greatest numbers of the ancient, millenarian olive trees are to be found. One of the most ancient streets, via Traiana (built under the dominion of the emperor Traiano about 2000 years ago), to link Rome with the harbor of Brindisi and the east helped to develop the trade of oil. Along the Traiana’s route there are large numbers of farmhouses with their own hypogeum oil mills and olive groves, that are Roman or Messapian.

You will take a short walk through the olive trees to reach the monumental olive tree known as “the olive tree of the three sisters“, nominated for the Giganti di Puglia (giants of Puglia) Challenge. On the way back, you will take the opportunity to have a chat with an expert, who will tell you about his experience as an agricultural entrepreneur and teach you to recognize the merits of a good extra virgin olive oil.


Your English Speaking Guide will welcome you in Matera, the Town of  Stones. You’ll start the day with the discovery of the ancient crafts of this mysterious and fascinating land: the clay worker, the baker and the cheese maker. After discovering these ancient crafts, you will have lunch inside a beautiful cave and then go back to the 50s on board of an Ape Car for a guided tour of the  city.

Let yourself be transported with an old  Ape Car, through the streets of Matera center and in the famous historical places of the Sassi di Matera. A journey through the alleys and views of the city of Matera between churches,  history and naturalistic and Baroque art, sitted on a three-wheeled sofa. Comfort, style and culture: ingredients of  one of the most exclusive tours of the city  that combines the value of a quality driven  service with the pleasure of a scenic walk.


When it comes to bread, Italy’s know-how goes back centuries. From north to south, every town can boast its own traditional bread, the most famous of which includes that made in one of Italy’s most beautiful regions, Basilicata. The particular bread from Matera has long been the city’s symbol. Its form and unique taste are the fruit of ancient culture and tradition that still live on today.  You will discover and compare different types of flour, belonging to the past. With the help of an expert, you will prepare the dough for the bread or pasta. Then you will see the process of leavening and how it is baked in a wood oven.

The customized package will include hotels, airport transfers and other transportation within Italy, guided tours or activities, unique experiences, trip planning, and 24X7 back office support during your trip.

The price of this sample package ranges from 10.000€ to 20.000€ depending on accommodation and dates.

Please inquire for a custom quote. The price is customized based on final hotel choices, travel dates, and other custom preferences.