Number of rooms: 4
Capacity max: 20 people, 38 m²


Villa Crespi’s restaurant dining rooms are the perfect dimension to show off the magic of Chef Cannavacciuolo’s dishes.
Elegant furnishings and place settings with the utmost care for detail, drapes, paintings and fine tableware are the perfect match for the Villa’s  Moorish atmosphere and baroque finish.
The veranda and the 3 ground floor rooms that make up the restaurant take you on a journey around the square area of the Villa where there are about 20 tables in all. The three rooms have different colours as their distinguishing mark, the yellow room, the blue room and the red room.
The veranda is also an area of the restaurant with a total of 7 tables. Once open air, today it is closed in by glass and overlooks the park, reminding us of a long gallery. The yellow and blue rooms are bright and well lit, just behind the veranda and they enjoy the bright daylight that filters through. The inner red room has a great period stone fireplace.
Walking through the rooms and absorbing their elegance and atmosphere is like taking a step back into past times and a rich 19th century residence.
Our maître Massimo and our sommelier Matteo welcome guests at their table, assisting and advising them during their fine dining experience at Villa Crespi. The restaurant staff ensure the rooms and tables are prepared to perfection and are always there to enhance their guests‘ every moment at table.

Interior Rooms


Banqueting : 20


Surface Area : 38 m²


Double rooms : 4
De Luxe rooms :
Jr Suite rooms : 
Suite rooms : 



Banqueting : 120


Surface Area : 200 m²


Antonino Cannavacciuolo
2 Michelin stars

  • Position : Lake

  • Airoport : Malpensa – MXP in 45 km

  • Railway : Orta – Miasino in 800 m

The charming little village of Orta San Giulio is one of Italy’s 100 Most Beautiful Villages and is set in greeen countryside between the lake and the mountains. Each season has special colours for the romantic Orta San Giulio, making for unforgettable scenes: the UNESCO heritage site of Sacro Monte, and the Island of San Giulio are the best known where the unique atmosphere makes it even more beautiful.