Le Alcove, a hotel in the trulli, in the heart of Alberobello.

Le Alcove falls into the category of small luxury hotels for its size. It is in the heart of Valle d’Itria, in Alberobello in Puglia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Le Alcove is a charming luxury resort in the trulli, located in the main square of the city. Its origins date back to the second half of the sixteenth century when the small feud called “Silva Arboris Belli” began to be populated. Under the dominion of the Counts Acquaviva of Conversano the peasants had the task of reclaiming and cultivating the land and the authorization to build only houses with dry walls. The trulli were originally the peasants’ dwellings, built with dry stones, without using mortar. Today, after a careful restoration, they have become elegant dwellings that preserve the link with the past intact.

Le Alcove Hotel has 7 rooms divided into Mini Suites, Suites and Top Suites, located in the central complex. Each room is different in architectural shape and furniture one from the others – each room brings a unique name to express its essence. Moreover, the rooms have been equipped with underfloor heating and cooling, in order not to affect the beauty of the stone. The attention to detail and the enchanted atmosphere make Le Alcove one of the most suggestive structures of the Itria Valley.

The name refers to the rustling of curtains, to canopies positioned on soft beds placed in a point of a room sheltered by a stone arch, just as the place where the princes rested in the magnificent castles of the most famous fairy tales. Inside of an alcove the guest feels protected and pampered, safe as at home.



Nr. Mini Suite : 2

Nr. Suite : 2

Nr. Top Suite : 1

  • Posizione : Art City

  • Aeroporto : Bari BRI at 70 km

  • Train Station : Alberobello at 700 mt

Le Alcove, Luxury Hotel in the Trulli, is a cozy, intimate setting, which alludes to the literal meaning of the term.  Like inside an alcove, you will feel protected and pampered, safe as at home.