Lazio – The Markets Yesterday, the Markets Today

Max capacity: from 2 to 15 people


The Traianei Markets and Testaccio Market.
What a better way to get to know a culture and appreciate its tradition starting from the knowledge of what the ancient markets were and to get to today’s ones.
A journey from the past to the present with an expert storyteller that will lead us to the discovery of Traianei Markets, an example of the presence of administrative activities, but also commercial wanted in the Roman Forum center of the Empire’s activities.
A discovery and a walk through the ancient streets of Rome full of vibrant activities of what a population has left, not just as a sign in its capital but in all the places they went through.
“Shopkeepers have started the new day. Some already do business, others have not finished exposing their products for sale, still others, late for deliveries arriving at night, have lost hours of sleep and are only now disassembling the heavy doors that have protected their goods. The tabernae closure system (so the Romans called shops) follows a practically “universal” formula throughout the Empire, a bit like in the modern age the shutters are used. The shopkeepers employ heavy wooden doors, narrow and tall, placed next to each other, inserting them in deep grooves of the marble threshold (still visible today in all the archaeological sites, Pompeii at the head) “quote. Alberto Angela
And after this dream through the testimonies of Ancient Rome we reach the today’s markets of Rome, as the Testaccio one, recently renovated with a contemporary look with lots of light, many colors, many smiles and where the stalls of the veterans alternate with the most innovative proposals , showing you an authentic Rome.
Fresh, authentic and genuine products, is the non plus for those who love street food, delicious dishes and excellent raw materials.
Testaccio presents an archaeological area of ​​the “New Testaccio Market” with a real Widespread Museum.
An archaeological complex with absolutely unique characteristics: those that the wonderful Rome has.

  • Position: Rome

  • Airport: Roma Fiumicino – FCO 28 km   Roma Ciampino – CIA  14 km

  • Station: Roma Termini  4,5 km

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