Part 1 – Apulia

Today, getting married in Italy is a trend on the rise, here are our tips.

Is the irresistible charm of “made in Italy” tempting you and you are already picturing yourself in a wedding dress on a marvelous beach with the love of your life? You are a lucky person, we have some tips to give you that, hopefully, can help you make your dream come true. You can start dreaming about your “Italian wedding”: picture yourself in Apulia, that strip of land that seems to stretch itself to kiss the East, with its white houses which seem to be from Greece.
Nature, history, art, and two seas that surround it along 800 km of coastline. A communication link between Italy and ancient civilizations such as the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Normans, Swabians and Angevines, Apulia has a good position in the Italian tourist scene thanks to its profound influences that over time have made it an absolutely unique destination of its kind. Unique like Otranto, ancient Apulian eastern coastal town that over time, not surprisingly, ended up being called “the Gate to the East”, as not far from here, in the 17th century, there was an ancient structure on two acres of land consisting of a central courtyard, rural houses, stables and shelters.

Today, this architectural work located in Salento and set in perfect harmony with the pine forests and the typical Mediterranean flora, is called Masseria Muzza & SPA, a SPA that is able to offer to its guests, thanks to its extraordinary connection with the past, the experience of an exciting full immersion into history.

Just south, 15 km away, there is an ancient noble house that opens the door every day to the sumptuous and aristocratic universe of five centuries of history, art and culture: the Luxury Relais & Wellness Palazzo Ducale Venturi, the scene of some legends about an ancient and tragic love story between the Duke Venturi of Minervino, the Abbess and a novice of the nearby monastery, and still presents the traces of this story brought back to our time by tradition.

Terraces overlooking the horizon, where the sea and the sky join in a deep and infinite blue indigo, it’s the show offered, not far from the enchanting Leuca, by the Luxury Club & Weddings Gibò, a natural gem set on an open headland among majestic creeks overlooking the sea. Awarded the “most beautiful location in Italy”, this place is now one of the most desirable destinations for those who wish to marry on the sea that washes the Apulian coasts.