6 Ideas for Surprise Proposals that She Will Never Forget!

Love is in the air as Saint Valentine’s day is approaching. Probably you are thinking this is the right moment to propose to your beloved one. Maybe, your partner is also expecting you to move your relationship a step forward. Why not on this day, when usually lovers spoil each other and express just how much they love and appreciate their better half? And why not, surprise your partner and make your engagement day memorable?

I see you are wondering how to make this day unforgettable and picture perfect…yes, because don’t forget to take pictures along the way to keep ever ending memories of this very special day.

Here are 6 surprise proposals ideas for you to astound your partner and be sure that after that your better half will scream with joy YES I DO and never forget this very moment.

  1. A dinner or a drink for two in a breathtaking setting with a final ring surprise. Imagine a table set in a terrace, or on a rock in the sea, or in a garden of roses. Envisage you are facing a beautiful Italian coast at sunset, cuddled by the breeze while stimulating all your senses tasting your favorite wine and food. How could a moment be better than this for asking the ritual question?
  2. Write it on the walls : visualize your hearts even on the walls and spread your love every where with the video mapping technique. Your partner will be so flabbergasted that could for sure not resist to your wedding proposal.
  3. Hide the ring in her favorite dessert …. but be very cautious otherwise she might swallow it 🙂
  4. Hide the ring in her favorite plant leaves or flower bouquet: she won’t resist the combination of such a natural beauty and the glittering light of the engagement ring.
  5. Organize a private concert (piano, guitar, violin or whatever it is your favorite musical instrument) and hide the ring in the musical score. Organize a surprise private concert and let the musician play your love song. Buy the musical score of your song and gift it to her. Inside, she will find the most beautiful love surprise: the engagement ring.
  6. Propose yourself on a hot-air balloon. Hire a balloon and overfly your favorite Italian city with your beloved one. The view, the breeze, the excitement of the new experience will make her scream Yes I do!