Between culture, beauty and food

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Gibò multi-sensory experience.

Are you looking for exclusive locations for your events and weddings? Italy My Way proceeds in its journey to destinations in Italy and selects the ultimate luxury ones for you. This Country offers countless gorgeous hotels in villas, castles and mansions with all the services to make your event an unforgettable one. Furthermore it offers styles to appeal to all and specializes in fine quality and exceptional taste. Certainly, the opportunities are endless and some of the locations offered by this land remain well kept secrets.

Let’s discover the Gibò, the most charming temple on the sea of South Italy, in the heart of Salento. Lately, this area of Italy has been one of the most sought after for memorable weddings and events.

Gibò Luxury Club & Weddings 

Crowned as “the best Italian location 2018“, Gibò won above all for “the absolute beauty and uniqueness of the location, the emotional dimension of the proposed experience. Furthermore, for the ability to guarantee high standards of excellence in the services offered and for the strong internationalization policies aimed at promoting the brand worldwide.” (source

Gibò is the famous masterpiece on the sea a few steps from Santa Maria di Leuca, in Apulia region. It is a dream place with its almost 8000 square meters, structured on five levels at the summit of a wonderful rocky headland that overlooks the sea. More over, it is surrounded by majestic terraces able to host up to 4000 persons. Its interiors carved in the living rock seem like sculpted masterpieces of elegance and beauty.

Finally, the ancient cave of Prazziche di Sopra (62 m above sea level, 42 m long and 6 m wide) is today a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is without doubt one of Gibò’s greatest treasures. In order to admire this precious wonder, you need to reach the highest point of the headland and be ready to discover the soul of this magical place.

Also Gibò offers its clients a multi-sensory experience. It is not only a magical place for weddings, business events, private parties or elite occasions but also an historical club with an exclusive seafood à la carte restaurant. It even offers the chance of a unique experience to celebrate special moments in life, listening to live music and sipping champagne or enjoying a romantic candlelit dinner of the freshest seafood specialties.