Weddings on the Lakes shores are full of romance and charm. They can be chic events as the venues offer peace and serenity accompanied by a magical and sophisticated atmosphere. Italy has the greatest number of lakes. As a unique destination chosen by people from all over the world, there you can find  unique landscapes with the Alps reflecting on the water and aristocratic villas with magnificent gardens and view.  You may choose almost any theme for your weddings on the lakes and take advantages from your venue: use boats for storing drinks or favors, finish the party with beautiful floating luminaries – any romantic idea we can plan together.

You could also combine your wedding and honeymoon into one vacation as holding your wedding in a romantic place means you don’t have to rush off after the ceremony – you can spend your honeymoon exploring the place where you said your vows, creating a lifetime of memories rather than rushing off after your big day. Please, have a look at our honeymoon section.