Interior Rooms:6
Max Capacity:63 
Church: Yes, deconsecrated


Villa le Maschere is a beautiful residence set in the Tuscan countryside, dating back to the 16th century. The luxury resort and spa invite guests to relax and unwind in a sumptuous comfort setting in the Tuscan hills. Villa le Maschere is a historic resort villa, renovated and finished in a contemporary style. The villa is equipped with wonderful dining options and a wide range of recreational and events solutions that represent Tuscany at its peak.

The rooms available for events at Villa le Maschere are 6: Sala Gerini, Sala Torlonia, Sala Torrigiani, Sala Altavilla, Sala Degli Specchi, La Vetrice.

Villa le Maschere’s structure is completed by a magnificent wellness center, the Fitness Gallery, 2 swimming pools, the park and the congress center that can accommodate up to 150 people.

Interior Rooms

Gerini Room


Theatre: 63

School: 60

U table: 32

Unique table: 34

Banquets: 43

Cocktail: 150

Torlonia Room


Theatre: 33

School: 32

U table: 32

Unique Table: 34

Banquets: 33

Cocktail: 80

Torrigiani Room


Theatre: 29

School: 20

U table: 20

Unique table: 22

Banquets: 29

Cocktail: 50

Altavilla Room


Theatre: 19

School: 20

U table: 15

Unique table: 18

Banquets: 19

Cocktail: 20

Mirrors room


Unique table: 30

Banquets: 30

Cocktail: 30

La Vetrice room


Unique table: 14

Banquets: 20

Cocktail: 25


Nr. of Bedrooms and suite: 64

External Spaces

  • Position : Countryside

  • Airport : Florence FLR – 30 km

  • Train Station : Florence S.M.N – 40 km

Luxury resort with wellness center set in the Tuscan hills of Mugello near Florence Italy. The Villa is one of the most beautiful late Renaissance country homes in Tuscany.