Veneto – The Venetian Perfumery Tradition

Capacity: from 2 to 15 pax


1. The Venetian perfumery tradition

The Venetian perfumery tradition was born thanks to a Byzantine Princess. She was married to one the Doge’s brothers, who brought over with her to the lagoon the oriental fragrances that she used to wear. This princess habit became immediately a trend among the Venetian noblewomen who began to use the purest essences to enhance their femininity. From then on, in the sixteenth century, the local perfume tradition took off, making Venice a stronghold of this art.

2. The experience

You will first visit a Museum dedicated to perfumes: it was the first museum dedicated to perfumes in Italy. Thanks to its innovation and to the originality of the exhibition design and the use of multimedia tools, it won prestigious awards. The visit to the Museum is primarily a fundamental step to understand the complexity of the Venetian perfumery tradition.

You will then take part in thematic workshops on the use of the olfactory pyramids.You will learn how to use the elements that compose them and in the meantime how to create personalized fragrances. Later, you will be immersed in a sensory journey in an exclusive wellness area. Treatments and massages with oils, created accordingly to the ancient recipes of the traditional Venetian perfume, made with rare flowers and precious spices and reworked in a modern way. Finally, you will end this experience with a cocktail and / or an olfactory dinner in one of the most prestigious hotels in Venice.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of a journey in the name of perfumes and essences. The rediscovery of the ancient Venetian perfumery tradition kept alive by the flourishing of activities that operate in this sector, using research and innovation.

  • Position : Venice

  • Airport : Venice – VCE 14 Km

  • Station: Venezia Santa Lucia 1 Km

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