Tuscany – Perfumes and Essences

Max Capacity: from 2 to 15 people


Perfumes and essences of Tuscany. Since the Middle Ages, the art of perfumery has assumed a central role in the economic and cultural fabric of the city of Florence, so much so that one of the streets of the historical center has been dedicated to the Medici  and Speziali Build. We visit an exclusive Perfumery House in one of the city’s oldest palaces, where perfume art and tradition meet. Then we enter a magical laboratory surrounded by an aromatic garden, where we live a fragrant journey that will take us back to childhood, to the rediscovery of the things that make us feel better. An ancient herbalist will open its doors to guide us in an experience characterized by deep knowledge in the pharmaceutical and herbal field with a lively artistic creativity. We visit three of the most important and historic gardens of Florence, designed and lived by noble Florentine families that have characterized the Florentine territory in the 1500s. A journey of perfumes and nature that contains an ancient Florentine tradition and the rare architectural elegance of the Italian gardens. The tradition continues to be alive and transmitted until today with the flourishing of activities that operate, using research and innovation, in the perfumery and cosmetics sector.

  • Position : Florence

  • Airport : Florence –  FLR 9 Km

  • Station: Santa Maria Novella 1 Km

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