Number of rooms : 2
 Max Capacity : 300 people, 900 m²


Built in 1500 and once called ‘Castello Nuovo’, Palazzo Ducale Venturi was firstly a  settlement for the Templari and then a medieval fortress. Palazzo Ducale Venturi is a severe sixteenth century structure, which can be considered as a true fledged fortress house.
It is distributed on two floors and corresponding to the windows and the large front door you can see a  series of machicolations which were to defend the building from foreign attacks. The ashlar portal is of  particular interest and  is dominated by the coat of arms Venturi.
It was one of the first salentine Ducal houses to open its doors and welcome guests in the sumptuous and aristocratic world of five centuries of history, art and culture.
The Palace has been completely renovated under the supervision of the Soprintendenza of cultural heritage, managing to recover antique ovens, star vaulted ceilings in leccese stone and “chianche” (local old stone) pavements.
Today the noble summerhouse is available for those who wish to dive into a fascinating place offering peace and beauty nestled in the heart of the small village of Minervino, between majestic olive trees and lush vineyards. Palace Venturi is exclusive, absorbed in greenery, a place to stop in time and  to feel unique moments.



Cocktail : 50
Banqueting : 50


Surface Area : 400 m²


Double Rooms : 2
De Luxe Rooms : 9
Jr Suite Rooms : 1
Suite Rooms :  1
  • Position : Countryside

  • Airport : Brindisi – BDS in 91 km

  • Railway : Lecce in 40 km

Palazzo Venturi is also in a stategic position. An easy distance from all the pearls of Salento, all rich with history, infinit with natural beauty and uncontaminated beaches. It is only 10 km from Santa Cesarea, 7 km to Porto Badisco, 9 km to Otranto and 35 km to S. Maria di Leuca. The ionic coast is roughly 40 km away.