Project Description

Number of  rooms: 3
Capacity max: 3000 people, 8000 m²


Gibò is an astonishing luxury venue of almost 8000 square metres, structured on five levels at the summit of a wonderful rocky headland that overlooks the sea. This amazing location is surrounded by majestic terraces, able to host up to 4000 persons, with sea views from where you can gaze out on and enjoy kilometres of coastline and breathtaking landscapes. Its interiors are carved in the living rock – sculpted masterpieces of elegance and beauty.
The ancient cave of Prazziche di Sopra (62 m above sea level, 42 m long and 6 m wide), is today a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is without doubt one of Gibò’s greatest treasures. In order to admire this precious wonder, you need reach the highest point of the headland and be ready to discover the soul of this magical and extraordinary place.

Interior Room


U-shape : 140
Cocktail : 300
Banqueting : 140


Surface Area : 170 m²
Height : 3.50 m
Stage : 16.00 m²


U – shape : 70
Cocktail : 150
Banqueting : 70


Surface area : 130 m²
Height : 3.50 m



U – shape : 70
Cocktail : 200
Banqueting : 70


Surface Area : 200 m²
Stage : 16 m²

  • Position : Sea

  • Airport : Brindisi – BDS in 114 km

  • Railway : Lecce in 65 km

In the heart of Salento, between breathtaking cliffs and majestic waters alternating with ancient olive trees and vineyards, between towers, medieval castles, ancient villages and blue horizons, the Gibò is the most charming temple on the sea of Italy.