Campania – The Art of Lemons

Max Capacity: from 2 to 10 people


The art of lemons in Campania. Everyone knows the taste of Limoncello Elixir, but there is much more .. with lemons and citrus fruits you can have much more.
A Cuisine and a recipe handed down from family to family, from generation to generation.
We want to know the secrets, how to prepare the famous liqueur and the delicious dishes.
Together we will retrace these ancient traditions.
First of all we see the citrus, a walk immersed in perfumes, flowers or fruits, depending on the season.
We learn how to make “spaghetti alla chitarra” and other tasty dishes based on lemon, and we finish with sweets and slush all rigorously based on citrus. The amazing view of the Amalfi Coast will be surrounded by perfumes, colors and taste, that will remain in your heart.

Here is something for you before you can enjoy them:
The recipe for “spaghetti alla chitarra” served with lemon, basil,  grated Parmesan and black pepper from the Amalfi Coast.
Ingredients of spaghetti with lemon for 4 people:

  • 500 gr of spaghetti
  • 100 gr of grated Parmesan
  • 1 large bunch of basil
  • 1 lemon
  • garlic
  • 70 gr of extra virgin olive oil, possibly fruity
  • salt and pepper


Put plenty of salted water to boil for pasta.
Break the basil leaves by hand.
Prepare thin strips of lemon peel.
Place everything in a large bowl.
Add the Parmesan, a little fresh garlic into small pieces (if desired), oil, salt and black pepper.
Squeeze the lemon, drain the pasta and pour into the bowl, adding the lemon juice.
Stir by adding oil if necessary.

Buon appetito!

  • Position : Amalfi Coast

  • Airport : Naples –  NAP  65 Km

  • Station: Naples Central Station  63 km

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