Campania – Mozzarella, a Dream on Hand


Mozzarella, a dream on hand in the Amalfi Coast, a stretch of coast famous all over the world for its naturalistic beauty.

It is a dream with a spectacular view, where you can take lots of photos to capture a unique show that you will never forget.

There, Biagio will teach us the secrets of mozzarella that we will see created by skilled hands. We can also try to prepare it, know its secrets and then make it in our home.

We will then have the pleasure of tasting what we have created and also the cheeses for all tastes. After our  “Mozzarella Class” we can continue for a nice walk.

What to say, a culinary but also explorative tour in one of the most popular coastlines in the world.

  • Position: Amalfi Coast – Campania

  • Airport: Naples – NAP 65 km

  • Station: Naples 60 km

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