For those who think that Millennials do not like engagements and engagement rings,  they are totally wrong.
Indeed their values ​​and the desire for tradition is increasingly present, with new ideas and different taste. For engagement rings, color research seems to be the latest trend. Millennials are literally going crazy for colored stones. Small, large, medium, but colored.

Did you know that each stone and color has a meaning?

Diamond: durability, robustness;
Rubino: ardent love;
Sapphire: loyalty;
Emerald: hope;
Aquamarine: lasting and happy marriage;
Beryl: strength of the bond of love;
Opal: sincere love.

You can also choose the engagement ring also according to the zodiac sign, trying to find the stone that brings benefit to the beloved in body and soul. In fact, every sign of the zodiac is associated with the stones that take away the negativity and then bring health to the couple’s relationship.

Aries: ruby, sapphire, diamond;
Toro: emerald, rose quartz;
Twins: emerald, turquoise;
Cancer: pearl, tourmaline, moonstone;
Leone: diamond, Aventurine Green;
Virgin: sapphire, diamond, Jasper;
Libra: emerald, opal;
Scorpio: ruby, smoky quartz;
Sagittarius: lapis lazuli;
Capricorn: garnet, onyx, malachite;
Aquarium: diamond, amethyst;
Pisces: aquamarine, amethyst.

I can advise you, therefore, to be very careful in the choice, but even more so to observe secretly every little signal on what is the taste of your future wife!