Italian cuisine, famous all over the world, attracts more and more international tourism to the constant search for quality products made in italy and above all to chefs that can enhance its features. For some years already the kitchen dominates the Italian TV shows and with them also the public and private events of this wonderful peninsula.

Great chefs such as Carlo Cracco, Antonino Cannavacciuolo, Bruno Barbieri, Marco Bianchi, Alessandro Borghese, are now considered, besides their professional skills, the true and cheerful “chefstar”.

Thanks to them, many people are keen on Italian cuisine, less traditional and very innovative, which has allowed the general public to overwhelm and wonder how a great professional can reinterpret and rediscover already known flavors. Sure, at the heart of all the long years of studies and practice for our star-studded chefs who over the years have achieved a long series of professional successes and awards around the world.

Today, “chefs” are also available to the general public by participating in private events and not by organizing cooking classes and allowing participants to experience unforgettable experiences cooking beside their idols and especially learning a great deal. In addition, the great Italian chefs, with strong professional experience and a long career in the field, are also gratefully using the narrative methodology to motivate people in special training sessions tailored to the client with a dedicated staff.
These sessions take on a multifaceted feature because in addition to a concrete training support, the public has the opportunity to live a unique experience that they would otherwise not be able to enjoy.