A Dinner at the Museum or a Team Building activity may sound a bit unusual but today, eating at Museums and experiencing them in a different way is a trend on the rise. 

As a matter of fact Restaurants in Museums are an expanding reality. There are places born within museums, taking advantage of the charm of contemporary architecture or historic buildings, art galleries and exclusive design spaces, which come to acquire fame and success on their own. Great chefs often choose the setting of a large museum for their restaurant. Let’s see few starred museum restaurants in Tuscany to begin with. More in other areas of Italy will follow.

Dinner at the Museum in Tuscany 


Certainly the novelty in the Italian panorama of Restaurants in Museums. On the other hand, the Pecci Center reopened only in 2016.

In the new spaces of the Prato cultural site you can experience a mix of contemporary art, culture and food. Chef Angiolo Barni divides the offer between Myo Restaurant, a sober and refined place devoted to haute cuisine, and Myo Bar Bistrot, perfect for an informal meeting place where you can enjoy a breakfast with artisan pastries but also a light lunch in “tuscan / fusion” style. In the evening, perhaps before or after the visit, you can even have an aperitif.

There is a secret garden in Florence, a few steps from Ponte Vecchio, where there is an ancient house inhabited in the last century by one of the most famous art collectors of Florence. Today, it is still a place of enchantment that preserves the magic of art and nature. In what were the old stables, it hosts a family of chefs able to synthesize in the dishes the taste and tradition of the most refined Tuscan cuisine. At dinner, after dessert, the Chef Filippo Saporito with his staff will accompany the lucky guests to see the hidden treasures in the Museum Villa. Through a private and exclusive path,you will be accompanied to see the permanent and temporary exhibitions of world-renowned authors, until you get to see the most beautiful work: the terrace of the Villa.

Beyond having dinner at the Museum, the new trend is having Team Building experiences that combine art, food and wine.

Why not then, spending a night (team building) at the Museum ?

The occasion seems perfect for a high level team building, for those interested in art and want to make it a unique and unforgettable experience. The team building formats suited to this need can be different. From tasting a gourmet dinner among masterpieces with a personalized guided tour to discover all their secrets and details to a Dinner with a Crime in an environment unique in its kind or to an artistic Treasure Hunt, for those who want to test their knowledge and skills as investigators of art! We can obviously customize each experience for you and choose the best place for your needs. Just get in touch with us and tell us your wishes.