Do You Marry Me in Italy?

Yes I do, because the Italian beauty with its unique artistic heritage and its landscapes is the perfect set for your wedding.
An Italian wedding is an experience like no others, for you and for your guests: wonderful locations, old traditions, Italian lifestyle and the amazing food will make of your marriage the most unforgettable and emotional memories of your life.
Everlasting cities like: Rome, an open-air museum, enchanting Como lake, the lovers’ town Verona, Florence and Tuscany with its special appeal and beautiful landscapes, Venice and its canals, the flawless hospitality of Positano, the warm and sunny Salento… is there something better?
Culture, art and history make of Italy the most evocative and romantic place in the world. Italy is the dream of any bride and groom where to be set the happiest day of their lives.
In just a few hours by train your unforgettable honeymoon will join any of our beauties.
You will never regret of that three little words: Yes I do!