Boho weddings are a trend on the rise.

A boho wedding is an unconventional ceremony which has a carefree and relaxed atmosphere. No matter where it is held, the theme of nature and being natural is super important throughout. Outdoor spaces, with enough room to place a huge marquee, are also sought after for those looking for a quirky touch. Also a beach location is ideal for the boho big day. Many couples are adding a handmade touch to their décor, from wedding invitations to seating plans. Flower power is also a must to have a boho feel to the wedding day — flowers are never enough! This could include a floral archway under which to exchange vows, a flower swing or floral chair décor. They work particularly well when combined with an outdoor theme.

So, the main ingredients for a boho wedding are nature, being natural, flowers, outdoor spaces, personalization and DIY touch.

And if you love nature, yellow color and lemons, here are 6 lemon decoration ideas which will make your boho big day a special one:

  1. Wedding Ceremony Seating Find the perfect outdoor space for your big day and light up the wedding ceremony seating area with big yellow lemons placed along the way, loose, tied up in a flower composition or in transparent vases.
  2. Outdoor Decorations A wooden barrel with a vase full of lemons and wildflowers on top will give the perfect boho touch to your wedding.
  3. Lemon and Lemon Trees Centrepieces Lemons or small lemon trees will enrich your wedding table and give a “nature” touch to the wedding reception.
  4. Lemon Placeholders Every place at the wedding reception can be assigned with a lemon placeholder: it will make the table bright and add the right boho touch to your wedding.
  5. Lemon Menu Decorations The menu can be decorated with lemons in order to maintain the nature feeling.
  6. Lemon Wedding Cake Finally, her majesty the wedding cake. Lemons and flowers can decorate it to obtain the perfect boho wedding touch.