Active Italian tourism balance. The whole world surrenders to the charm of the Bel Paese

The fact that Italy represents, as a tourist destination, a priceless gem is widely known. Its history, its culture, its beauty and its many aspects have never left the rest of the world cold, even at times when the economic crisis has been felt globally, with highs and lows recorded in the tourism sector as well.

The fascination that the world has always shown for Italy is renowned: streets becoming fashion empires, such as Via Montenapoleone in Milan, or Via Condotti in Rome, represent the touchstone for a tradition that has always contributed to making the Bel Paese one of the main destinations for leisure travelers (and not only) coming from all over the world.

Data from the last few days processed by Golden Blue, service provider company for tax free purchases, confirm this trend. In the first quarter of 2017, it was recorded an increase in retail spending of international visitors, with figures rising by 13% compared to the same period of 2016. And it is fashion, more than any other sector that seems to attract most interest. The spending in this area, in fact, increased by 12%, on average, around 729 euros.
This are good figures that reward the quality of the Italian offer and confirm the unmatched international passion for “made in Italy”. Adding to your wardrobe in Italy, today, represents the preferred choice, especially for Russians and Chinese who, as the figures show, increased their spending volumes by 46% and 12%, with an average expense of €645 and €964, respectively.
Rome, Milan, Florence and Venice are confirmed as fashion cities that, alongside their leadership in the industry, have an enviable history and beauty. In particular, the Italian capital is confirmed as the province with the largest revenue generated by the balance of tourist payments, which according to the latest data emerging from a sample research carried out by the Bank of Italy, made a net balance of 13.8 billion in 2016.