Engaged and thinking about getting married abroad but you do not know from where to start?

No panic at all: here are 23 tips for your stress free Italian wedding, plus a surprise.

We are all conscious that the start of any major event such as a wedding is an exhilarating yet decidedly stressful period. From the moment you announce your engagement, the pressure is on. And for those planning a wedding in Italy, sometimes even more as expectations and cultural differences can affect every planning stage. It’s no surprise that Italy, one of the most romantic countries in the world, is a popular choice for destination weddings. A Country as romantic as complicated from a bureaucratic point of view. So, where do we start? First of all, breath and relax: you are planning your big day. Then, play with us: from 1st December open all the numbers of our Advent Calendar till Christmas Eve and collect our 23 tips for your stress free Italian wedding. We hope this helps 🙂